Off-Road Meditations

“These woods are strange,/I’ve known them all my life,” begins the title poem of Off-Road Meditations and those two lines sound a theme implicit in all the poems, the sense of the familiar in the strange, of discovery through the ordinary. Within the unity of voice and seeing there is an astonishing variety. I suppose the thing I like the most about the poems, besides the deeply felt and earned recognitions, is the dramatic force, the richness. There are poems spoken by trees, spoken by mothers and sisters, spoken by haunting spirits, and spoken by the life force.

I admire the economy and precision of the lyric voice here, the delicacy and toughness of the lines. There is an awe and quickness of the minute that reminds of Roethke, the passion for accuracy, the limpid depth, the human work of knowing.

—Robert Morgan, final judge

Cover design by William Gould, Jr.

First Life


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